Singh Saaab

Di Rasoi

Singh Saaab Di Rasoi signifies the Quintessential North Indian Household of the Singh Saaab in a traditional village or the urban living space. Punjab translates to “The Land of Five Rivers”). Just as the rivers flow through the Punjabi Hinterland and create the Diversity and Uniqueness in the Culture of Punjab, we try to encapsulate the essence of Punjabiness at Singh Saaab Di Rasoi to our fullest.




Shri Jagjit Singh Arora


A Passionate Punjabi with love for all things good, Shri Jagjit Singh Arora or fondly called “Bauji” is the Guiding light behind the Team at Singh Saaab Di Rasoi. His insight into handling customers.

Singh Saaab Di Rasoi traces its journey into the vision and ambition of the patriarch of the Arora Family Shri Jagjit Singh Arora and his wish of bringing the true essence of North Indian hospitality and spirit of serving great food with love and joy to the guests. His background in Luxury Automobile Sales and his passion for providing best possible quality to the customers at all times is what keeps the team at Singh Saaab Di Rasoi driven at all times towards excellence.

Team Singh Saaab Di Rasoi has a whole variety of specialists from different fields who take the vision of Bauji to the next level.



Beeji is our loving and caring mentor whose traditional recipes and the strong sense of taste and flavours make us what we are today. Her home based recipes have been distinctly Punjabi and have passed on from generations to generations from a long line of legacies. She guides us in developing our products to match to that of the Traditional North Indian household.

Mrs Rabinder Kaur Arora


A staunch housewife, business owner and an affectionate mother who understands and supervises even the minute details of the operations of the restaurant business at Singh Saaab Di Rasoi. Her discipline and commitment to providing the best food to the customers and impeccable taste in defining the luxury along with the attention to details is what makes your visits at Singh Saaab Di Rasoi memorable.

Mr Parvinder Singh Arora


Serial Entrepreneur and Travel Enthusiast Mr Parvinder Singh Arora is a foodie by heart. He loves food as much as he loves serving food to others. After trying his luck at many businesses and not getting completely justified, Parvinder tried his hand at bringing his mother’s recipes to the world and devised a way to do it by starting up a food stall in Surat, Gujarat. It was his jolly nature and emphasis on providing quality food with unmatchable and authentic taste that helped him rise above his competition quickly to become one of the most respected and feared restaurateurs in the city. His vision drives Singh Saaab Di Rasoi to get ahead in the race quickly and establish pole position.

Mr Gurpreet Singh Arora


A Culinary Graduate from the prestigious Auro University and a true foodie like his father Mr Parvinder Singh Arora, Mr Gurpreet Singh Arora is a passionate cook, chef extraordinaire and the brain behind the innovative menu at Singh Saaab Di Rasoi. His insight and experience working at various restaurants in India and abroad during his education gives him the correct mix of traditional and modern ideologies. His mission is serving the best products like his father and his passion is to be able to do it in style.

Mr Ashmeet Singh Arora


Marketing Student and PR Star, Mr Ashmeet Singh Arora is the bright and young star of the Arora Family. He has come up with the innovative ideas and strategies to keep the marketing team at Singh Saaab Di Rasoi on their toes. His theory is simple, “A Great product is nothing without great marketing and branding.” His dynamic approach enables Singh Saaab Di Rasoi to catch people’s attention in the best possible reasons and with the right impact.



Our Vision is to encapsulate the imagination of people and bring them closer to the original North Indian Heritage of Culinary excellence and explore the dimensions of organized hospitality across India and Worldwide.



Our Mission is to be able to provide best quality, authentic and hearty meals to all our patrons at all times and redefine North Indian Dining by merging hearty and grounded flavours and international service standards.